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Bicycle cart .com
"it's how I get my park flyers to the park!"

Skycamera.net - Radio controlled aerial photography for Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan
See our sample pictures!

Essential Electric Links:
The EZone - Everything you will ever need to know about electrics. Click on the discussion section for tons of good info.
Motocalc - Configures your electric power setup. Try for free for 30 days!
Northeast Sailplanes - Good source for Electric ARFs
Hobby Lobby - Lots of ARFs
Battery Clinic - Battery questions answered
Soaring USA - Lots of Gliders
AMA - Academy of Model Aeronautics
Skycamera.net - Aerial photography for Goshen, Elkhart County and all of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan

Good Sources for laser cut electric kits:
Todd's Models - Attitude, Tiny and more...
Mountain Models - Maker of the Tantrum 3-D
Stevens AeroModel - Scale CAP 232s big and tiny. 3D/Pattern planes like "G" series and more!
Aerolock Models - Hangover, Miss June 3-D

BMJR Models - Small planes
E-Star Models - Nice looking 3-Ds

Flying Wings:
Unicorn Wings - Great flying electric wing
Edge R/C - Variety of wings
Your Zagi.com - The original wing
ZagNuts -Free bluecor Glider instructions. Also sells large wing cores!
Wing Warrior - Maker of many different wings
Flying wing highstart tips
CNC foam factory - Get your custom foam cores cut here
FlyingFoam.com - Custom foam cores. Including 83" Mothership.

Electric Motors, Speed Control,Batteries, and more airplanes!

Bishop Power Products

Bob Selman Designs
Castle Creations - Electric Speed Controls
Esprit Model - Planes, motors, accessories
Radical R/C
Aircraft World
ICARE - High end motors, chargers, etc.
Depron USA - Source for Depron Foam
ESPRIT MODEL - Motors, planes, accessories.
EFlight Designs - Good source for Lipoly Batteries
FMA Direct - Lipolys, receivers, co-pilots and more
RC Direct - Source for super light Berg receivers
Small R/C - Source for tiny electric planes and motors
Servo City
LightFlight R/C
Master Airscrew
APC Props
Profili 2 - Airfoil design software
Zlog - Recording Altimeter. PC and Palm compatible.


Foamy Links: (Also see flying wings above)
Bluecor Fan Fold - Explained. You can buy yours at Lowes!
Depron USA - Source for depron foam sheets
Fast-Pack - Source for colored packing tape to cover foamy planes
Fiddlers Green - Template source for bluecor and depron Foamys
FoamFly - Source for Foam kits, GWS products and more
Foamtana 3D - Link to foamtana plans at the E-zone. One I wanted to build but never did.
Mini GB Kits
ZagNuts - Blucor Glider instructions
Foam Floats - Fly you electric or foamy off water!
CNC foam factory - Get your custom foam cut here
Hang-Em-High - Source for carbon fiber rods (for support spar)
Good Winds Kites - Another source for carbon fiber rods
FlyingFoam.com - Custom foam cores

Wireless Video:
Black Widow AV - Wireless video cameras with tx and rx.

Micro Flight:
Greg Covey: Guide to converting rubber band flyers to R/C. Well done Greg!

HeliHobby: Source for electric and nitro helis

SPAD - Simple Plastic Airplane Designs

Gassy and Equipment Links:
Maple City Hobbies - Our local hobby shop- Goshen
Great Planes -You know the name.
Horizon Hobby
Iron Bay Model Company- Used to be Byron's Originals
O.S. Engines
Sig manuf.
Tower Hobbies

Other Local Clubs:
Michiana Skyraiders
Nappanee Flying Dutchmen
LaGrange R/C Club

Figure Your Wing Loading

And more links...


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