Meade Septic Design Services:

Meade Septic Design Inc. offers detailed, and comprehensive septic system design and inspection for St. Joseph County and all of Indiana. Extensive site work and detailed yet easy-to-read plans make getting your septic permit and competitive bids from excavators a simple process.

Meade Septic Design Inc. works with all kinds of septic systems including elevated mound systems and Aero-Tech Aerobic Treatment Units.  Prices depend on system type and site locations. Please click the Contact Us button to inquire about specific pricing.

Homeowners and Builders

Meade Septic Design’s clear, professional plans help homeowners and builders get realistic bids from excavators at the on-set of a project.


Whether it’s your 1st or 100th mound system (or any type of system), our detailed designs help to make the permitting and installation process go smoothly.

By encouraging your clients (homeowners or builders) to use a qualtiy septic designer early in the process, you help yourself and your customers.   With a good septic design in hand, an excavator can give an accurate bid without having to invest in long (and expensive) site visits before you know that you “got the job”.

Health Departments

For those unfamiliar with the procedure, the permit process can be challenging and complicated. A good design is paramount to the permitting process and Meade Septic Design provides that design. Health Departments can assist the public by preparing separate lists of septic system consultants including excavators, designers, pumpers, etc. These lists can be on-hand for citizens who have questions.

Want to host an installer meeting for your excavators? I offer a PowerPoint presentation entitled “Introduction to Scale Drawings and Septic System Design”. Contact me to find out more.

Secondary Treatment:

My Joint Venture – Meade Septic Supply LLC is Aero-Tech’s Indiana Aerobic Treatment Unit distributor.  Aero-Tech ATUs Visit my website for more details.

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