Sim Tech Pressure Filter

Meade Septic Design Inc. recommends the use of Sim Tech Pressure Filters in dosing tanks that pump to pressure distribution systems (such as Mound Systems).

Hair and other suspended debris can clog the small 1/4″ holes in pressure distribution laterals.  This can lead to unequal distribution of effluent and eventually failure of the absorption field.  Sim Tech pressure filters, taking advantage of the cyclone action created by the pump, utilize a  stainless steel screen and sock filter to trap the debris with almost undetectable affects on flow.    Sim Tech recommends that drainback be allowed to flow through their filter.  This allows for a backwashing action which partially cleans the filter after each dose.

High flow rates may require two 2″ dia. filters in parallel.

Sim Tech recommends inspecting and replacing the filter sock every 6 months.  Some systems may be able to go one year between servicing.

Sim Tech filters can be purchased from many local concrete precastors.   Watch the below video to see it in action.

I carry a demonstration model with me.   Ask to see it when we meet (if I forget to show it to you).



Sim Tech Pressure Filter