Septic System Inspection

I provide thorough and affordable septic inspections for  much of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.  I also offer professional drawings showing well and septic locations and separations necessary for FHA loans.

Reasons to have a septic inspection:

  • Home buyers will want a full evaluation of an existing system before buying a home.
  • Sellers will want a septic system inspected prior to selling a home.  Many counties require an inspection when homes and commercial properties change hands.
  • Homeowners should periodically have a system inspected as part of regular maintenance.  Among other things, an inspection can inform a homeowner that it’s time to get a tank pumped.

An inspection can include the following:

  • Owner interview and record search of the system
  • Locating the septic tank with a flushable “sonde” transmitter and receiver device
  • Checking the plumbing and fixtures inside the house
  • Looking for clear water discharges into the system (foundation drain, softener, etc.)
  • Taking a core sample of scum and sludge levels inside the tank
  • Inspection of the tank’s water level, baffles, tees, riser and visual evaluation
  • Examination of the distribution box
  • Operation test
  • Evaluation of the absorption field
  • and more!

The final septic system inspection report will give an overall system rating of “Acceptable” or “Unacceptable” (or in some cases, “Pass” or “Fail”).

Note: The functionality and life span of a system has to do with the design, installation, and care and feeding of the system.  A rating of “pass” (or acceptable)  is not a warranty or guarantee that the system will work in the future (because of usage conditions), but  instead is  a working evaluation at the time of inspection.

If you are interested in a system inspection, please CONTACT ME to find out more.