Elkhart County

Elkhart County Health Department

Elkhart County Health Department: (574) 971-4600

Elkhart County Ordinance 2012-153

Septic Permit Process:

Request for On-site Evaluation: This form is used to request the Health Department to do a soil boring on your property and issue septic requirements. If you are using this for new construction, you will need to get boring location flags from the Health Department to specify where you want borings done.


1. This form may be filled out on-line by tabbing through the fields. Note:  Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox.  Google Chrome will not print this form correctly.

2. Print form, sign and do drawing at the bottom.

3. Fax to the Health Department at 574-971-4599.   If you have any questions about the process, contact the Health Department at 971-4600.

Elkhart County Surveyor’s Office: (574) 971-4600

Permission To Enter a Regulated Drain 8″ dia. or Smaller: Fill out this form and fax to the Surveyor’s office if you are proposing to outlet an 8″ dia. or smaller field tile to a county regulated drain (buried or open ditch).